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WoW Instant Messenger

Mal wieder ein neues der besseren Sorte, WoW Addons präsentiert den WoW Instant Messenger.

WIM (WoW Instant Messenger) is exactly what its called. It is an instant messenger interface for your in game whispers. It was specially designed to not interfere with your busy interface (when in raids) but also to have the convenience of having a chat window for each user that you communicate with.

Every aspect of this addon is customizable. Features include but are not limited to:
- Windowed whispers.
- Minimap organizing all of your messages, also alerting you when new messages have been received.
- The ability of making web url’s in-game links where you can click them to easily add them to your clipboard.

- Filters
- History
- FuBar & Titan Panel Support!
- Now functional with all lingual versions of WoW!

Leech that file for the glory of WoW Addons mewhew! WoW instant Messenger

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